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The official WEB site of Javaman, Java Man, from Center St. in E. Lansing, MI. See pictures of old friends. If you have a current picture you would like added, you can E-mail it to me at I will convert/scan them. Pictures will be returned if you ask me to.

More Sad News, White T.J. passed away November 12, 2013.

He has been in and out of the hospital for the last month or so with a nasty infection and it just could not be controlled. He was in Santa Rosa hospital in ICU and in lots of pain, on dialysis and just real bad. His last wishes were to spread his ashes into the Pacific. Here is a picture that is somewhat recent of T.J.

Sad News about Jim Leach November 4, 2013

Currently Jim is at Gorsline Runciman Funeral Homes on Michigan Ave. in Lansing. Information on funeral arrangements are not yet available. Next of kin are aware of his passing.

From Channel 10 news...

LANSING (WILX)-- The man killed in Monday's deadly fire on N. Hayford St. in Lansing, has been identified as 65-year-old James Leach. Fire investigators say an overloaded surge protector was to blame.

From MI-Live...

LANSING – A man died when an early morning house fire tore through his home on Lansing's east side. Friends and neighbors say the victim, in his sixties, died along with his dog in the house fire around 9:30 this morning on the 100 block of North Hayford Ave. His name has not been released. Bob Kramer, a friend of the man for nearly 40 years, lived in a room upstairs in the home and managed to escape unharmed. "I was in the house," he said. "According to the fire department, there wasn't much damage upstairs. When I woke up, the house was filling with smoke." Kramer, a U.S. Army veteran, said that this was not his first brush with death. He was shot three times on Jan. 15, 1970, while serving in Vietnam. "Now I've been shot and I've lived through a fire," Kramer said. "I don't think the guy upstairs has many plans on wanting to talk to me. He's pretty satisfied that I'm down here." Kramer, along with a neighbor and one of the first responders, attempted to save Kramer's housemate and his dog but were unable to overcome the smoke. Fire department officials were working to determine the cause. "It's a feeling of somewhat helplessness," Kramer said. "You can't do (anything) about it. Ever since I came home from Vietnam, I don't look at (tragedy) the same way, I guess."

Summer 2013.

Hard to belive I have not updated the web site in years. I had back surgery 3 weeks ago (June 2013) and have lots of time on my hands, so why not add some stuff. This is my third back surgery for the arthritis and hopefully it will last a long time. Since I retired in 2003 I have been fixing up houses. I have done 8 so far. I buy a very beat up house that needs lots of work and do new plumbing, electric and finish carpentry. My latest project is my largest ever and I have been working on it for over a year. I am hoping to have it completed this summer, when my back gets better I'll be working on it. Ceramic tile in the kitchen and bath room, all new windows, walls floors, pretty much a new house. And the coolest thing is the 113 year old barn I restored. It's on 2 acres so it's will be a great place for someone when it's done. I still have garage doors to add and some trim on the barn but the outside is almost done. Here are some before and after pictures so far. Many people thought the barn would be torn down, but I found a barn expert who travels all over the county, and he happens to live nearby in Williamston. He installed braces and cables. I had it re-roofed. Doug Brunger helped my replace some rafters and I did the rest. Here is what it used to look like.


And now it looks like this:

Here is a before and after of the house so far, still needs garage doors and landscaping:


Two years ago (2011), we had a contractor frame in a shed. I then added old antique windows and doors, a little deck, cedar shake roof and also hot and cold running water and now Sue has a sweet puttering shed.


A couple years before that we decided we needed more space and had an addition put on where the deck used to be. Added a wood burner for heat and lots of windows. Most of this was done by a contractor. We saved the old deck boards and made a smaller extended deck with them. If anyone from far away is ever in town we have some space to visit.




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