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Summer 2016

Well, we have had the longest drought, almost no rain for 4 weeks. Everything turning golden yellow, then last night it happened. A strong, heavy thunderstorm, and overnight, yellow turned to green. To protect the grass we haven't mowed it in weeks. This has allowed the clover to flower. Not something that usually happens. And do the bees love it. If you walk around the yard when it is quiet, there is the high pitched wine of thousands of happy bees. No wonder they picked out place to swarm last spring.


Bees, Bees, Bees.

It's early morning and I hear this strange buzzing sound. Amazing enough, many bees have left their old nest. Likely because it just got to big, so they decided our yard was the place to go. We like bees and they help pollinate and are very needed everywhere, but not just outside Sue's puttering shed. So we called a bee keeper who was very excited to move them to his place in Dewitt. If you look close in the picture below on the right you can see a giant ball of bees, maybe 10,000.

Time to go Solar

Last year in 2015 i installed some solar panels on the roof. Things went so well that this year I put four times more panels on the barn. We are now almost 50% solar. The cost has dropped so much it is truly cost effective and I expect they will be paid for in savings in about 6 years. Not too shabby.

This is last year's project (2015) It has batteries to run off grid in a power outage. It is rated at 1.2 kilowatts in perfect conditions. On a sunny day it actually can put out about 850 kilowatts. That's enough to charge the 6 marine batteries I have. It was my first try and I made some mistakes and learned a lot.

So this year I installed a more professional system rated at 3.8 Kilowatts and it can put out that much under perfect conditions. That's like at 1:00PM on a clear sunny day. And in July and August in Michigan you get a lot of days like that. I installed a sub panel in the barn and did almost all of it myself. Had some help lifting the panels and I hired a backhoe to dig the trench to the barn for the power.


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